Charas (Indian Hashish) ~26% CBD + CBDA

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This is an very special product that we searched far and wide to obtain. Containing around 26% CBD + CBDA. Its Indian hashish is made from the resin of high CBD hemp flowers in a painstakingly long process which involves hand rubbing the flower resin for long periods of time. Elevated wellness guaranteed.

Charas is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated products of the legal CBD flower scenery. One of the main reasons is certainly the origin of this Indian hashish, which can only be found in Asia. The greatest concentration of production plants is located in India, Pakistan or Nepal. In fact this hashish is extracted from cannabis plants that grow naturally along the flanks of the Himalayas.

The characteristics of the Charas

Beyond its provenance, Charas hashish is considered one of the best products in the CBD UK panorama also for its characteristics. The exclusive taste and consistency are very soft. Its use has in fact ancient origins with various signs also to Indian mythology. Hemp, for example, is a powerful aphrodisiac that even produced effects on the god Shiva, according to a Nepalese legend. In short, a pleasure that excites the gods, let alone us humans! Want to learn more about Indian Charas hashish? follow us on instagram @cbdgardensuk


Whilst having names synonymous with famous cannabis strains with similar terpene profiles these products are just souvenirs not to be ingested.

*<0.2% THC

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