(NEW) Biscotti Hemp Flower ~ 21% CBD

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Our selected strains are grown organically in Italy, hemp derived, non psychoactive, THC-free* & EIHA EU certified strains.

Flavour Biscotti, Caramel, Sweet Notes
Trim Medium-Large Frosty buds covered in trichomes + orange pistils
Effect Calming, Euphoric, Pain-Reliever, Stress Reliever


Coming from the Cookies Fam is Biscotti, bred by crossing Gelato#25 with South Florida OG. Biscotti puts out dense nuggets that are medium sized but drenched in trichomes, making for beautiful frosty buds. Biscotti has a nice dark green color alongside purple hues and rich orange pistils. Reviews of the strain suggest it puts out a sweet delicious cookies and gas terpene profile alongside a high that leaves you zen from head to toe.

 Our CBD Flowers are completely legal and sourced for the highest quality. Each flower delivers truly effective amounts of CBD. These flowers are exclusively developed to yield high CBD and low THC contents which remain legal in the EU.

Whilst having names synonymous with famous cannabis strains with similar terpene profiles these products are just souvenirs not to be ingested.

*<0.2% THC

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