Premium Hemp Flower Pre Roll

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Our first and arguably our favourite product we've ever made. Permanent 3 for £16 offer and FREE SHIPPING!

Hand crafted with Organic Hemp CBD flower that helps to promote on-the-go calming power & other CBD aligned benefits. 

Why did we create them? Thats easy. Its so convenient, its our go to for when we need to just mellow out, are feeling anxious or want a good nights sleep. 

Made with .6 grams of hemp flower + wrapped in a plant based, clear cone. Each roll is completely handmade and comes with a re-usable plastic tube with chalk galaxy lids designed + painted by us. Every 3 pack is delivered a holographic, glitter filled bag for a fabulously LIT experience.

You simply wont find pre-rolls like this, so we made them for you. 


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